Why You Need To Hire A Dryer Vent Cleaning Company

Posted on: 26 September 2019

While you may be diligent about cleaning the lint trap in your dryer, you are probably not so diligent about cleaning out the ductwork from the dryer to outside the house. While the duct may only be a few feet, it can still become clogged with lint that needs to be removed. When the duct is long, perhaps even traveling through a wall or floor, trying to clean it out yourself is not a good idea. Regardless of the length of the duct, it is often a good idea to have a professional clean it. Here are just a few reasons why to do so.

Create a Bad Clog

If you are trying to clean out the duct and there is a lot of lint inside, without the proper tools, you may just push all the gunk together, forming a hard ball of lint. Keep in mind, the inside of the duct often contains moisture that will cause lint and any small pieces of debris to stick and become hard. A professional has the tools to carefully break any clog and pull it out.

Tear the Duct

Many dryer ducts are made of a thin material that breaks or tears easily. While attempting to clean the duct, you may accidentally move the piece and cause it to break. Sometimes just moving the dryer to gain access to the duct will cause it to break. Once it is broken, you will need to have the piece replaced. It is also possible to tear the duct while pushing a brush or other item through it to get a clog out. A professional knows how to work with the ductwork so that it does not break or tear. In addition, if there is an accident, the cleaning company will pay for the new piece and install it.

Reaching all the Ridges

Most dryer ducts are expandable and have ridges to allow for this. Getting into all the ridges to remove built-up, hard lint is not easy. A technician will have the equipment to clean these ridges and the experience to do so.

Do not quit cleaning the lint trap after every use of the dryer. However, to keep your dryer working efficiently and prevent a fire due to too much lint in the duct, contact a professional dryer vent cleaning company.  You may be surprised at how much lint and other debris they pull out.


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