• Custom Kitchen Cabinets: What To Look For, What You're Paying For, And Why It's Worth It

    It can be tough to choose between custom and pre-made kitchen cabinets. Plus, there's a lot of terminology surrounding custom cabinets that makes them even harder to decipher. Keep reading to find out if custom kitchen cabinets are best for your next renovation and how you can avoid any pitfalls. Advantages of Custom Cabinets There are many advantages to custom cabinet designs. The biggest benefit is custom cabinets allow you to create a kitchen design that is personalized.
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  • 5 Interior Design Changes To Make Your Waiting Room Enjoyable

    Health clinic patients expect to spend time in a waiting room, but few if any actually find the experience comfortable or enjoyable. How can you make your waiting room's layout and furnishings more inviting? Here are five things any clinic can try on any budget.  1. Vary Seating Ditch some of your traditional chairs and replace them with varied seating options. This should include chairs of different heights and widths, armchairs, love seats, and even a couch or two, depending on your size.
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