3 Current Bathroom Remodeling Trends For Your Next Project

Posted on: 5 March 2015

Do you have a bathroom remodeling project coming up? It's going to feel good to get that old, boring bathroom out of your house at last and update it with something gorgeous and interesting. It can refresh the whole look of your house and increase its resale value significantly. Buyers love a good looking bathroom. Even if you're not selling your house, getting a new bathroom will make the room, and the whole house, more enjoyable for you.

If you're wondering exactly what look to go for with your new bathroom, let your imagination and personal tastes be your guide. If you're still stuck for good ideas, don't know where to begin, or need a little extra guidance when it comes to decorating, here are three modern bathroom remodeling trends you can choose from in your project. Each one will give your bathroom that stunning, luxurious, and inviting look you desire.

1. Natural Materials With Modern Amenities

Stone tiles on the floor and bathtub (and/or shower) and real wood cabinets are highly desirable in bathrooms right now. Not only are they beautiful, they can also be very environmentally friendly if you source the stone and wood from the right places. Combined, they bring the appearance of having the outdoors inside. Add some light earth-tone paint to the walls and ceiling, and you have a very modern, yet natural looking bathroom.

Hidden within nature's beauty, you should include some popular modern amenities. Today, people want luxury in their bathrooms, as well as good looks. Adding such invisible but decadent features as heated flooring and towel warmers will make your bathroom one of the favorite rooms in the house during the cold months. The heating elements for the floor go under the stone tile, and the towel warmers look just like any other towel racks. The extra special feel they give to the bathroom, though, is plain from the moment you walk in and feel the lovely warmth they offer.

2. Focus On The Shower

Many new bathrooms are leaving out the bathtub altogether, and just going for really well-designed, decadent showers. Modern home owners and buyers want extra-large showers with stone tiles, glass enclosures, shower seating, and dual shower heads (for comfortably showering with that special someone).

Tubs are no longer the necessity they once were. Just a few years ago, having an extra-deep garden tub, preferably one with jets, was a must. Now, it doesn't matter if there is a tub or not. According to AngiesList.com, those who do opt to put in a bathtub put in free-standing ones, like old-fashioned claw-foot tubs or more luxurious jetted tubs. However, they put them in separately from the shower, usually on the other side of the bathroom from it.

3. The Vintage Look

Vintage-inspired features using new pieces are very popular in bathrooms right now. You can make your bathroom look like a cozy, early 20th century classic while still having everything in it be brand new.

For example, use features such as:

  • A pedestal sink with faucets coming out of the wall
  • A wooden apothecary cabinet with glass doors to keep your towels or personal products in
  • Plenty of mirrors
  • Nickel hardware
  • Small square tiles on the floor
  • A claw-foot tub
  • A free-standing shower with a hand-held sprayer

Your bathroom will look charmingly old, but with the shine of a room where everything is new. Everyone who enters it will adore it.


These are just a few modern bathroom trends that are popular right now. Any of these ideas will give your bathroom a whole new look and feel that you and your guests will find aesthetically pleasing, as well as welcoming, luxurious, and inviting. Try one of these designs, and you'll always be pleased with your bathroom remodeling project.


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