5 Interior Design Changes To Make Your Waiting Room Enjoyable

Posted on: 17 August 2021

Health clinic patients expect to spend time in a waiting room, but few if any actually find the experience comfortable or enjoyable. How can you make your waiting room's layout and furnishings more inviting? Here are five things any clinic can try on any budget. 

1. Vary Seating

Ditch some of your traditional chairs and replace them with varied seating options. This should include chairs of different heights and widths, armchairs, love seats, and even a couch or two, depending on your size. Something as basic as being able to sit together with family, enjoy a comfortable chair, or be able to get up and down easier will help clients relax. 

2. Group Seating

Rather than provide rows of identical chairs lined up and back-to-back, arrange seats — whatever options you have — in groupings of different sizes and styles. A small grouping of multiple seats helps larger families, while a set of armchairs in a corner promotes privacy between a couple. When they don't have to worry about sharing armrests, being overheard, and banging heads with other clients, guests relax more. 

3. Add Interest

Look around your waiting area and view it as a client. What sensory interest is there to occupy their mind? Could you add artistic installations to the walls and tables? A clinic might hang pictures of staff to introduce them, tell the clinic's history on the walls, or highlight local events. Be creative with accessories, including things few people are familiar with. And don't forget other senses, including smell and auditory interest. 

4. Modernize Offerings

A simple way to be more welcoming is to provide a snack and beverage station for people to people help themselves. But modern clients have modern needs too, so consider adding a charging station or additional outlets near seating areas. And if your clinic often suffers from a lack of cellular signals, provide guests with wireless access in your lobby. 

5. Change Things Up

Once you make some interior design changes to keep things interesting, don't stop innovating. Changing the layout and adding new visual interest or entertainment on a regular basis keeps things fresh for repeat customers. You could simply rearrange furnishings every so often, or you might create nonstop updates by installing digital displays that constantly evolve. 

Where to Start

Could your waiting room's design use improvement in any of these areas? If so, start by consulting with an interior designer who offershealth clinic interior design. Together, you can craft a space that will make people comfortable, keep them occupied, and pass time quickly. 


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