5 Advantages Of Selecting Quartz Countertops

Posted on: 5 March 2015

If you're having a home custom built or are contemplating a major kitchen remodel in your existing home, you are undoubtedly considering various types of stone countertops that are best suited to households that include active children. Interior design trends have placed marble and granite at the forefront of kitchen countertop material choices, but these may not be the best choices outside of homes where careful adult cooks will be the only ones responsible for meal preparation. If you want your home to be the type of place where your children can learn to cook, conduct culinary experiments, and generally be a part of the meal preparation process in your household, you should give serious consideration to having quartz countertops installed. Following are five advantages of selecting quartz countertops.

Excellent Value

Less expensive than marble or granite, quartz countertops are ideal for those who want to have plenty of available countertop space for meal preparation purposes yet don't want to pay the high price tags of more traditional stone countertops. Quartz will also provide you with added savings because it doesn't need to be resealed on an annual basis. Another cost-saving feature is that your quartz countertops will last for several lifetimes, eliminating the need to have them replaced.

Strength And Durability

As one of the hardest minerals on Earth, quartz has strength and durability properties that can't be matched by many other countertop surfacing materials -- even granite. Engineered from natural quartz, quartz countertops are manufactured by combining a high percentage of natural stone with about seven percent resin binder, creating an even stronger product. Quartz countertops are very unlikely to chip or scratch no matter what you do them, making them a far more family friendly option that marble or granite. No one likes to have worry about chipping or staining the countertops while enjoying a family cooking project.

Nonporous Properties

The major reason that quartz countertops do not have to be sealed and then resealed once per year is that quartz is a nonporous substance. Not only does this mean that quartz countertops are not nearly as vulnerable to staining as other surface options, they also don't harbor bacteria the way that countertops made with porous materials do. This can be very important in busy family kitchens where food preparation chores are performed by a variety of people.

Easy Maintenance

Unlike other natural stone countertops, quartz countertops require no special cleaning products. They can quickly and easily be cleaned using paper towels or clean, soft cloths, warm water, and a mild household cleaning product. If you prefer an all-natural cleaning solution that will help bring out the shine in your quartz countertop. simply replace your usual all-purpose household cleaner with one part white vinegar to one part water and a pinch or two of baking soda.

Wide Range Of Colors

Quartz countertops come in a huge variety of colors, and design accessories such as veining can be added in order to simulate the look of granite or marble countertops. The addition of recycled glass or metallic flecks can create interest and texture. The customizing possibilities of quartz countertops are so numerous that creating a unique look for your kitchen is extremely easy. Your custom quartz countertops are created in a controlled environment which will provide you with the exact color, texture,and pattern that you want. Another advantage of quartz countertops is that their color will remain consistent throughout the course of their very long lifetime, which can be a problem with both marble and granite.

Your local contractor can supply you with further information concerning which type of countertop is best suited to your personal needs and preference.


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